Amateur cooking course

The amateur cooking course is aimed at those who love to cook at home with the appropriate cooking techniques. The aim of the amateur courses is to teach the techniques of Italian cooking and to discover the secrets of high quality cooking.

How the amateur cooking course works

The technical level of amateur courses is different from professional courses but the objectives are the same: to learn techniques.  Students learn cooking techniques in a practical way.  In amateur courses, work is done in a pleasant and convivial manner. The execution of operations in the kitchen must be correct, quick and efficient in order to prepare three dishes in a couple of hours. Concentration is required to learn and do without injury. You learn time management, but the pace is not as fast as in professional courses.

The amateur course focuses on recipes and preparation techniques. Students learn, work with the pleasure of cooking and evaluate the results by discussing them with the chef during dinner/lunch. At the Bologna Cucina Cultura Italiana school, students learn the correct techniques used by the professional chef. Those who already ‘cook well’ because they are used to ‘making food’ at the Bologna Cucina course learn the technique of cooking (cutting, timing, cooking), focus on details, refine precision and speed when cooking for friends at home or working in a restaurant. The aim of amateur courses is to teach the techniques of Italian cooking and help them discover the secrets of high-quality cuisine. The focus is on traditional cuisine in Italy, with particular interest in Bolognese and regional cuisine. Courses are divided by courses (starters, first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts) or by themes (pasta, meat, vegetables, wines).

Prices of the amateur cooking course

Each amateur cooking meeting lasts 3 hours, in the evening (Tuesday/Thursday) from 19:00 alle 22:00. The price includes dinner prepared by the student and good wine. It is possible to participate in one or more lessons.

  • 1 lesson € 60 (class 6-15 people)
  • 1 lesson € 98 (class 6-12 people)
  • 1 lesson € 120 (class 3-6 people)
  • 1 lesson € 175 (class 2 people)
  • 1 lesson € 235 (class 1 person)

September - October 2023

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