Language course “Italian for food, cooking and wine” at Fico, the world’s largest agri-food park

Two hours (50’) full immersion in the Italian language and food culture. Visits to factories, information about the production, tastings, workshop, meals, after the themed course about “Italian language”, “Food culture” “History of food tradition” at different levels.

Some courses are more focused on the language itself, some others on the food culture.

The lesson is organized with activities such as aperitivo, workshop, visits. It is cognitive and interactive, looking at different models of Italian food service.

The itineraries are themed (oil, wine, meat, vegetables, fish), regional, historical, north and south, along with tasting of food. Elements of enology are also involved.

Every Thursday (16:20 –18:00)

You can reach Fico by:Fico Shuttle, opposite the train station (leaving at 15:34) Euro 7 (Return)

visit at Fico, Bologna

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