Our courses are practical, the students can learn professional cooking techniques to work in a restaurant or to cook perfectly at home. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home.

Our courses are aimed:

  • to work as a chef with abilities needed for the profession e.g. manual dexterity and skill, time management
  • to cook skilfully at home
  • to cook and enjoy cooking, eating and drinking with friends. The lessons teach cooking techniques, doing diverse preparations

Students prepare from recipes (they practice by doing):

  1. by themes (for example, antipasto, first courses (soup, risotto, pasta), second courses (meat, fish), side dishes, vegetables, desserts)
  2. by menus (such as classical /regional /revisited dishes, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, seasonal, ’surf and turf’ menus).

At the end of the class you can taste the food prepared (with wine) to check and compare the results!It is also possible to dedicate an additional lesson to select and shop for ingredients at a local market.

  1. Amateur cooking course

    The amateur cooking course is aimed at those who love to cook at home with the appropriate cooking techniques. The aim of the amateur courses is to teach the techniques of Italian cooking and to discover the secrets of high quality cooking.

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  2. students cook dishes in a professional cooking class at bologna cucina cultura italiana

    Professional cooking course

    Our professional cooking course is aimed at those who want to learn the techniques of professional cooking to be used in the gastronomic field. These professional cooking courses are practical courses where you learn the techniques of professional cooking for home use or for working in a restaurant.

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  3. cappelli con logo di bologna cucina

    Training courses for the professional cook and chefs

    These cooking courses are aimed at Italians and foreigners working in kitchens, kitchen helpers, and chefs with work experience to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine. Useful for learning special Italian techniques.

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  4. Studentessa ha preparato un dolce a bologna cucina

    Preparatory courses for pastry chef

    Professional Pastry Chef Courses are practical courses that prepare students as pastry chefs in diverse contexts (artisanal bakeries, cafe-bakeries, restaurants, confectioners). The course is taught by qualified professional pastry chef-teachers. The courses are led by professionally qualified instructors

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  5. padella con cibo vegetariano preparato a bologna cucina

    Vegetarian, Dietetic and Gluten-free cooking courses

    The vegetarian, dietary and gluten-free cooking class is an opportunity to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy vegetarian, gluten-free and low-fat and low-calorie recipes.

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  6. Weekly and monthly cooking courses

    The weekly and monthly cooking courses are complete courses for long-term training

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