Professional cooking course

Our professional cooking course is aimed at those who want to learn the techniques of professional cooking to be used in the gastronomic field. These professional cooking courses are practical courses where you learn the techniques of professional cooking for home use or for working in a restaurant. You learn by doing, it’s not enough to look, you have to practice and repeat (at school and at home).

First level professional cooking course

The program includes a general cooking class, in which the basic techniques for preparing Italian dishes are taught. Students prepare a complete menu: first course, second course, side dish, dessert and wine. The first level professional cooking courses are held twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Friday from 19:00 to 22:00. After cooking, the students and the teacher enjoy the dinner they have prepared together, tasting wines while chatting with the cook and his assistant.

Second level professional cooking course

The second level professional cooking courses develop the ability to become a chef and a good connoisseur of the different combinations of food and wine. You learn many recipes that can be reworked following your own cooking style and techniques to prepare different Italian dishes. A deep knowledge of the Italian culinary art is acquired according to tradition and subsequent and current reworkings. Each lesson is divided into 3 parts:

  1. First part – general: overview of different types of cuisine, different ways, different traditions
  2. Second part – in-depth analysis: further exploration of Italian cuisine as a whole, oriented towards appetizers, first courses, second side dishes, desserts, bread-making, ways of composing, embellishing, serving and presenting dishes
  3. Third level – specialist: all ways of presenting dishes are analyzed and practiced, such as preparing them, seasoning them, presenting them, variations in composition and types of ingredients. We explore elaborations of different cuisines and food ways, vegetarian, vegan, for celiacs. We verify how the dishes are presented in the best Italian restaurants so that each participant in the cooking course chooses the aspects he prefers from the various models and thus identifies his own way of applying them in the kitchen in which he will work.
students cook dishes in a professional cooking class at bologna cucina cultura italiana

Prices of the professional cooking course

Every professional cooking meeting lasts 3 hours, in the evening (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday) from 19:00 to 22:00. The price includes dinner prepared by the student and good wine. It is possible to participate in one or more lessons.

  • 1 lesson € 60 (classe 9-15 people)
  • 1 lesson € 98 (class 6-12 people)
  • 1 lesson € 120 (classe 3-6 people)
  • 1 lesson € 175 (classe 2 people)
  • 1 lesson € 235 (classe 1 person)

April - May 2024

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