Amateur and professional technical courses

These are practical courses where students can learn professional cooking techniques to work in a restaurant or to cook perfectly at home. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home.

Training courses for the professional cook

These courses prepare students to operate in a kitchen of a restaurant as a Level 1 Chef. With practice, students learn practical skills to directly execute all kitchen tasks.

Intensive courses

These are courses to learn the foundation techniques of Italian cooking. The lessons are at different times defined according to requests. They can be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Also WEEKENDS.

Preparatory courses for pastry chef

Professional Pastry Chef Courses are practical courses that prepare students as pastry chefs in diverse contexts (artisanal bakeries, cafe-bakeries, restaurants, confectioners). The course is taught by qualified professional pastry chef-teachers. The courses are led by professionally qualified instructors

Vegetarian, Dietetic and Gluten-free cooking courses

The workshops use a wide variety of recipes to create a complete meal (starter, first course, second course, side dish and dessert) or to create a theme (e.g. starters, first courses, side dishes). Separate equipment reserved for gluten-free food preparation is used but the environment is not gluten-free sanitized.

Language course “Italian for food, cooking and wine” at Fico, the world’s largest agri-food park

Two hours (50’) full immersion in the Italian language and food culture. Visits to factories, information about the production, tastings, workshop, meals, after the themed course about “Italian language”, “Food culture” “History of food tradition” at different levels.

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