Programma 1 – Inglese

Technical Cooking Courses

October - December 2022

Learn professional cooking techniques to use in the gastronomy field, for work or to cook skillfully at home

03/11 Thursday Tradition of Central Italy
Menu: Pici cheese and pepper, Roman-style saltimbocca, Fried custard
08/11 Tuesday Vegetarian cusine in autumn
Menu: Risotto with mushrooms, Pumpkin cream with traditional Modena vinegar sauce, Glazed walnut cake
09/11 Wednesday Risottos
Menu: Risotto with pumpkin and sausage in balsamic vinegar, Rice with seafood, Tiella (rice with potatoes and mussels)
10/11 Thursday The cusine of Bologna
Menu: Green tortelloni with butter and sage, Petronian cutlet, Tenerina cake
11/11 Friday Traditional Italian sauces and condiments
Menu: Bolognese Ragù, Amatriciana, Genovese Pesto
15/11 Tuesday Tradition in a vegetarian key
Menu: Red beet ravioli, Chickpea meatballs, Tarts with ricotta and orange cream
16/11 Wednesday Parmesan Cheese (first and second courses)
Menu: Parmesan shortbread, Risotto creamed with radicchio, Traditional Straccetti with vinegar and parmesan shavings
17/11 Thursday Traditional Southern Italian Cuisine
Menu: Gnocchi alla sorrentina, Spicy meatballs stew, Caprese cake
18/11 Friday Gnocchi
Menu: Ricotta gnocchi with robiola and walnuts, Potato gnocchi with fresh tomato and basil, Pumpkin gnocchi
22/11 Tuesday The cusine of Northern Italy
Menu: Gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese, Pumpkin gnocchi with caramelised sausage in Modena vinegar, Pears and rum chocolate parfait
23/11 Wednesday Tradition in a vegetarian key
Menu: Marinated seitan carpaccio, Chickpea meatballs, Pear muffin
24/11 Thursday Aperitifs: Eating with the hands
Menu: Battered anchovies, Salmon meatballs with orange, Tozzetti biscuits with zabaglione and sweet wine
25/11 Friday Traditional Autumn Recipes
Menu: Pumpkin tortelli, Tagliatelle with mushrooms, Carrot cake
29/11 Tuesday Traditional vegetarian cuisine
Menu: Spelt and lentil soup, Mashed broad beans and chicory, Vegan berry tart
30/11 Wednesday Cooking with chocolate: sweet and savoury
Menu: Cocoa noodles with roast gravy, Roast with dark chocolate glaze, Pear and chocolate cake
01/12 Thursday ​​​​​​​Traditional cuisine of Emilia Romagna
Menu: Tortelloni butter and sage, Tagliatelle with meat sauce, Tortellini in broth
02/12 Friday Aperitifs and starters
Menu: Mortadella Mousse tarts, Parmesan tarts with salad and caramelized Tropea, Mozzarella in carrozza
06/12 Tuesday Tradition in a vegetarian key
Menu: Lemon ravioli, Farinata with seared vegetables and ricotta cream, Ricotta cake
07/12 Wednesday First and second courses of meat
Menu: Tagliolini with white ragù of rabbit, Bocconcini of turkey with pineapple, Roman-style saltimbocca
08/12 Thursday Leavened products
Menu: Crescentine and tigelle with cold meats and cheeses, Calzoncini with ricotta and chocolate
13/12 Tuesday Traditional Southern Cuisine
Menu: Cavatelli alla lucana, Eggplant parmigiana, Panna cotta with red wine reduction
14/12 Wednesday Traditional Southern Italian Cuisine
Menu: Pasta alla Norma, Orecchiette with turnip tops, Gnocchi alla sorrentina
15/12 Thursday Traditional Regional Dishes
Menu: Spaghettone all'amatriciana, Ligurian-style rabbit, Bonet (amaretto pudding)
16/12 Friday Eating with pleasure: traditional recipes interpreted in a vegetarian way
Menu: Spelt strozzapreti with vegetable ragù, Tofu spumini with herbs and fresh spinach, Veg. tart
20/12 Tuesday Fish: First and Second Courses
Menu: Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops and mussels, Sarde beccafico, Tiramisù al limoncello
21/12 Wednesday Fish on Christmas Eve
Menu: Mackerel salad with orange and ginger, Ravioli with sea bass and potatoes, Calamari stew
22/12 Thursday Vegetarian Tradition
Menu: Spelt and lentil soup, Mashed broad beans and chicory, Veg. berry tart
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