Italian cooking classes in Italy
Learn professional cooking techniques
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Welcome to Bologna Cucina, the cooking school in Italy specialising in professional and amateur cookery courses!
You can spend a nice time in a Italian cooking class and after the lesson have dinner with great food and good wine!
Learn the techniques of professional cooking to be used in the gastronomic sector for work, or at home beyond the do-it-yourself!

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Our Italian Cooking Classes in Italy

Our courses are practical, our students can learn professional cooking techniques to work in a restaurant or to cook perfectly at home. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home. Our courses are aimed: a. to work as a chef with abilities needed for the profession e.g. manual dexterity and skill, time management; b. to cook skilfully at home; c. to cook and enjoy cooking, eating and drinking with friends. The lessons teach cooking techniques, doing diverse preparations. Students prepare from recipes (they practice by doing): 1. by themes (for example, antipasto, first courses (soup, risotto, pasta), second courses (meat, fish), side dishes, vegetables, desserts). 2. by menus (such as classical /regional /revisited dishes, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, seasonal, ’surf and turf’ menus). At the end of the class you can taste the food prepared (with wine) to check and compare the results!It is also possible to dedicate an additional lesson to select and shop for ingredients at a local market.

Technical Amateur course

These are practical courses where students can learn professional cooking techniques to work in a restaurant or to cook perfectly at home. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home. The same amateur and professional advanced technical courses can also have a convivial slant.
In the amateur courses students learn cooking techniques in a practical way while having fun. The Technical Amateur focus on recipes (as well as preparation techniques) and allow students to cook as a hobby or to enjoy cooking and eating together.

At the school Bologna Cucina Cultura Italiana you learn proper techniques used by a true chef, enhancing cooking abilities to cook for friends at home or for working in a restaurant.


  • 1 lesson - lunch/dinner, wine, 3 hours
    Tuesday/Thursday 19:00-22:30
  • 1 lesson € 60 (class 6-15 people)

Technical Cooking Courses

Learn professional cooking techniques to use in the gastronomy field, for work or to cook skillfully at home

September - October 2022

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It is important to choose a suitable city looking for Italian cooking classes in Italy. Bologna is the right place because of the famous cooking tradition in Europe. The prestigious location of Bologna Cucina Cooking School is also important. You can find here pictures of our Italian food cooking classes

studentessa bologna cucina prepara la sfoglia
Everyone is preparing her/his menu
Everyone learns the cooking techniques
ina Chef-shows-the-secret-of-traditional-cooking
The Chef shows the secret of traditional cooking with today’s techniques
Studentesse preparano impasto a bologna cucina
Learning, cooking and having fun in our courses for cookery

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