The School

Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina is a professional school, recognised as a continuous, permanent training institution in the region of Emilia-Romagna; our chefs are professional teachers. At Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina we teach professional cooking techniques:
a) to learn and practice cooking, to initiate a career as a Professional Level I Chef;
b) to update professional chefs;
c) to cook better at home using proper techniques used by a true chef, enhancing cooking abilities (such as dexterity, skills, time management, the overall picture) when delivering diverse menus;
d) to individualise one’s own style in cooking. Lessons are practical, you work in a single workspace under the guidance of a teacher who also rates your performance. The school was founded in 1996 to spread the knowledge of Italian cooking and cuisine in the world, to train professional chefs and to teach correct techniques for home-cooking.
Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina is the only school in Bologna that conforms to teaching standards, adhering to the Common European Framework for culinary training.
At the end of the course, students are awarded a certificate of attendance referenced to the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) which can be used in private employment (restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, catering, other related employment.). However, please note that it has no academic value because we are not a hotel management school or university. More

Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina