Amateur and professional technical courses


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1 lesson – lunch/dinner, 3 hours
3-6 people, Euro 98
7-10 people, Euro 60
11-15 people, Euro 45

Courses with personalised attention from the Chef 
2 people, Euro 175
1 person, Euro 235

These are practical courses where students can learn professional cooking techniques to work in a restaurant or to cook perfectly at home. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home. Our courses serve:
a) to work as a chef with abilities needed for the profession e.g. manual dexterity and skill, time management;
b) to cook skilfully at home;
c) to cook and enjoy cooking, eating and drinking with friends.
The lessons teach cooking techniques, doing diverse preparations. Students prepare from recipes (they practice by doing):
1- by themes(for example, antipasto, first courses (soup, risotto, pasta), second courses (meat, fish), side dishes, vegetables,  desserts)
2- by menus(such as classical /regional /revisited dishes, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, seasonal, ’surf and turf’ menus).
At the end of the class you can taste the food prepared (with wine) to check and compare the results!
It is also possible to dedicate an additional lesson to select and shop for ingredients at a local market.
Lesson hours depend on the students registered, generally they are:
09:30-12:30; 15:00-18:00; 19:00-22:00 with a little time margin to conclude lunch/dinner and tidy up.

The same amateur and professional technical courses can also have a convivial slant. These are amateur courses in which students learn cooking techniques  in a practical way while having fun. The Amateur Convivial Cooking focus on recipes (as well as preparation techniques) and allow students to cook as a hobby or to enjoy cooking and eating together. They are ideal for groups of friends or colleagues or for individuals who are interested to dine at lunch or dinner after having prepared the food themselves.