How to manage and tidily organize materials, tools, products and the kitchen area. Organizing the division of tasks into the various parts of the kitchen.

Basic and complementary operations for working in the kitchen.
How to move effortlessly in the working environment, between furniture and cooking stations for the different areas of the kitchen.
Design a menu, identifying the main factors influencing its structure and determining its qualities (seasons ingredients, cost effectiveness).
Basic cake, bread and pizza-baking.
Italy’s regional menus with some of their traditional or special cooking methods.
Italian and International traditional menus.
Being able to collect food from the store-room, according to the qualities and amounts required by the menu, checking the product and hygienic characteristics.
Professional role and functions of kitchen personnel.
Brief information on history of cooking.
How to behave with colleagues and customers, relationships with all the other professionals and their specific tasks.
Attention to hygienic measures in touching food and in using tools and equipment.
Basic principles on safety measures in the workplace.
Basic notions of nutrition.
Language knowledge, focused on the technical terminology of this sectorod storage, correctly applying hygienic and functional criteria.