Gluten Free Cooking Courses

The workshops use a wide variety of recipes to create a complete meal (starter, first course, second course, side dish and dessert) or to create a theme (e.g. starters, first courses, side dishes). Separate equipment reserved for gluten-free food preparation is used but the environment is not gluten-free sanitized. We therefore do not recommend serious celiac sufferers to eat the dishes prepared during the course. For the usual gluten intolerance attention to hygiene to prevent contamination is sufficient. The absolute sterilization, however, is not guaranteed. Who has a serious diagnosis of celiac disease avoid the consumption of what he has prepared for school.


1 lesson - lunch/dinner, 3 hours
3-6 people, Euro 98
7-10 people, Euro 60
11-15 people, Euro 45

Individual Courses with the Chef at your disposal
2 people, Euro 175
1 person, Euro 235
Time-table: 19:00-22:00

NB:If the minimum number of students for a course is not reached, the School reserves the right to either:
move the course date;
cancel the course giving full refund of advanced payments made;
confirm with student to enrol for a smaller group course paying an additional fee;
reduce the number of lesson-hours; students pay the same amount for this smaller group class.