Technical Courses for Professional and Amateur aim

The Amateur Technical Cooking Courses are practical courses to learn professional cooking techniques for home-use or to work in a restaurant. You learn by repetitive practical cooking at school and at home. Our courses serve:
a) to work as a chef with abilities needed for the profession e.g. manual dexterity and skill, time management;
b) to cook skilfully at home;
c) to cook and enjoy cooking, eating and drinking with friends.
Our courses are grouped:
1- by themes (antipasto, first courses (soup, risotto, pasta), second courses (meat, fish, vegetables), desserts)
2- by menus (such as traditional /regional cuisine, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, seasonal, ’surf and turf’ menus).
At the end of the class you can taste the food prepared (with wine) and evaluate your cooking performance! It is also possible to dedicate an additional lesson to select and shop for ingredients at a local market.
Lesson hours: 09:30-12:30, 15:00-18:00, 19:00-22:00


1 lesson - lunch/dinner, 3 hours
3-6 people, Euro 98
7-10 people, Euro 60
11-15 people, Euro 45

Courses with personalised attention from the Chef
2 people, Euro 175
1 person, Euro 235

The Technical Courses for Professional and Amateur aim itself can have a Convivial aim. They are courses in which we teach cooking in a practical way having fun. The Amateur Convivial Cooking workshops are different from the Amateur Technical Cooking courses as they focus on recipes (as well as preparation techniques) and allow students to enjoy cooking and eating together. They are ideal for groups of friends or colleagues or for individuals who are interested to dine at lunch or dinner after having prepared the food themselves.

Professional Technical Cooking Courses
Learn professional kitchen techniques for use in the gastronomy field,
for work or to cook skilfully at home

Euro 180 package of 4 lessons (7-15 people)
Euro 60 1 single lesson (class 7-10 people)
Euro 45 1 single lesson ( if the class has 11-15 persons)

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They are amateur cooking workshops arranged on Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening and Sunday morning and afternoon.
1 lesson - lunch/dinner, 3 hours
3-6 people Euro 98
2 people Euro 175
1 person Euro 235

Courses for Groups

7-10 people Euro 60, more than 11 Euro 45