Preparatory courses for chefs or for working in restaurants

These courses prepare students to operate in a kitchen of a restaurant as a Level I Chef. Students learn practical skills to gain knowledge to directly execute all kitchen tasks. It is a challenging course; students learn the different methods of preparing and pairing dishes. Students develop competence and skills that can be only obtained through proper training and practice. The course also requires the repetition of cooking exercises at home. The usage and application of the same techniques in different contexts (such as in restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars and even in the home kitchen of chefs) are highlighted. There will be tests on the student’s management of work throughout the whole duration of the course; the organisation of the catering, rationalisation of methods and time management and on food presentation and serving.

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Teaching in the kitchen of a restaurant
In addition, it is possible for students to be taught directly in a restaurant kitchen: The duration is for 4 weeks which can be further extended to 8 weeks (to a maximum of 12 weeks) only if a restaurateur is available. The cost for the organisation, administration and tutelage is Euro 500 for those who have already attended at least 4 months of training at Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina; Euro 800 for those who have not attended these 4 months of training. After this internship period, the restaurateur may offer a contract of employment. This opportunity is fully dependent on the restaurateur.

Professional Pastry Chef Courses

Professional Pastry Chef Courses are practical courses that prepare students as pastry chefs in diverse contexts (artisanal bakeries, cafe-bakeries, restaurants, confectioners). The course is taught by qualified professional pastry chef-teachers. The courses are led by professionally qualified instructors. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance and an evaluation of specific technical skills will be issued. The certificate is recognized for work in the private sector but it does not have academic validity. The courses are organized along the lines of the European Qualification Framework (EQF)°.

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Prices for the Professional Level I Chef and Professional Pastry Chef courses

11-15 people per class
3 sessions per week
3 months Euro 1400 (price discounted)
6 months Euro 2700 (price discounted)
9 months Euro 3900 (price discounted)
It is possible to start every week

7-10 people per class
2 sessions per week
3 months Euro 1400(price discounted)
6 months Euro 2700(price discounted)
9 months Euro 3900 (price discounted)
It is possible to start every week

Professional Technical Cooking Courses
Learn professional kitchen techniques for use in the gastronomy field,
for work or to cook skilfully at home

Euro 180 package of 4 lessons (7-15 people)
Euro 60 1 singol lesson (class 7-10 people)
Euro 45 1 single lesson ( if the class has 11-15 persons)

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