The Cooking School "Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina"

Cultura Italiana Bologna Cucina offers Foundation, Professional and Amateur cooking courses.
We teach professional cooking techniques enabling students to:
a) Learn and apply cooking techniques;
b) Improve culinary skills (methods, dexterity, timing);
c) Develop individual cooking styles.
COOKING COURSE amateur, foundation, professional, pastry
1 lesson Euro 45 (class 10-15 people)
1 lesson Euro 68 (class 7-9 people)
1 lesson Euro 98 (class 3-6 people)
Our lessons are practical; students work in individual workstations, the teacher guides and evaluate their results.

At Cultura italiana Bologna Cucina, our cooking courses are valued as:
a) Introduction to the profession of a top level professional chef (see Professional cooking courses);
b) Knowledge enhancer for professional chefs (see Professional cooking courses);
c) Learning to cook at home using the proper techniques and skills of a true chef (see Professional cooking courses, see Amateur cooking courses);
d) Learning new recipes in an enjoyable environment, having lunch or dinner together. (see Amateur cooking courses).

At the end of the course, students are awarded a certificate of attendance referenced to the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) which can be used in private employment (restaurants, cafeterias, catering, etc.). However, please note that it cannot be used as a qualification for public entities and has no academic value.


Special amateur course

10-15 people per class  
1 Meeting Euro 45


Euro 128 per week
Euro 95 per week/person

Amateur Courses Our amateur courses are practical courses where students can learn professional cooking techniques adapted for use in the domestic kitchen. Our courses are structured in two major teaching lines: a series of technical courses and the other, educational theme cooking courses or fun, convivial cooking workshops.

a) Amateur Technical cooking course
Students follow a formal course structure conducted in an informal learning environment.

a)Amateur Theme Cooking courses
and b.b ) Amateur Cooking Workshops are both theme-based courses to learn proper cooking techniques in an informal, fun environment. Students prepare recipes surrounding a theme (pasta, fish, meat, vegetarian, special diets and gluten-free), prepare complete menus or have an Introduction to wine and Wine tasting.
In the theme cooking courses, students taste dishes cooked whilst in the cooking workshops, dishes are eaten as a sit-down meal together (lunch or dinner) organised as part of the workshop.

Professional Courses The Professional courses are valuable as professional training for a chef, or as a refresher course to deepen and broaden culinary skills. In these courses, students work on exercises at school and at home to learn the techniques . Students need to gain a good ability in managing the particular elements in this profession in order to operate well in a restaurant kitchen. The scope of the courses will help students acquire the general technical and the fundamental skills needed to operate as a chef. The professional courses will serve those wanting to work in a restaurant or to open an "agritourismo", Bed&Breakfast or other related activities but they are also aimed at people passionate about cooking and who want to cook better at home: Students can choose from the following courses, based on their time availability and the course price:
Professional training course
To learn the techniques, methods and cooking times with the hands-on practice of the profession in different gastronomic fields. At the end of the course the students receive a certificate which has validity in the professional private field (restaurant, canteen, catering). The diploma is not recognized for academic purposes.
10-15 people per class
3 meetings per week
3 months Euro 1210 (price discounted)
6 months Euro 2200 (price discounted)
9 months Euro 3080 (price discounted)
A class: it is possible to start every week
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.

6-10 people per class
2 meetings per week
3 months Euro 1210 (price discounted)
6 months Euro 2200 (price discounted)
9 months Euro 3080 (price discounted)
B class: it is possible to start every week
Tuesday, Wednesday 02:00-05:00 p.m.

Courses for the professional pastry chef
10-15 people Two sessions (per week)
Monday and Friday 15.00-18.00
12 weeks Euro 880
18 weeks Euro 1300
it is possible to start every week

These courses help to prepare participants to enter the profession of pastry chef in various fields; for example, in small bakeries and shops, cafes, restaurants, larger scale bakeries. The courses are led by professionally qualified instructors. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance and an evaluation of specific technical skills will be issued. The certificate is recognized for work in the private sector but it does not have academic validity. The courses are organized along the lines of the European Qualification Framework (EQF)°.

Students learn cooking techniques to develop creativity

At Bologna Cucina students learn cooking techniques to produce high-quality cuisine. Our teaching methods allow individuals to make their own interpretation of recipes and our chef- teachers will guide this process. To be an authentic chef, skilled in the kitchen , it will not be enough to just follow instruction manuals. It will be necessary to know how to cook well and not imitate others. In our school we can help you find your way.
The quality of teaching in Bologna Cucina is high and the style, courteous.

Our Chef-Teachers

Our chef-teachers are professionals with extensive experience who devote themselves passionately to preparing and teaching the lessons. They constantly search for new recipes, study traditional cuisines and are willing to exchange information on new food preparation techniques. Our students learn a lot because C.I.Bo Cucina specialises in teaching cooking to Italian and foreigners.


Prices are reasonable because our environment is elegant, yet understated.